We rent out and sell for years already pontoons to contractors, the government and the events industry

So-called “floating islands”  for events such as ‘Sail Amsterdam’ and the ‘World Port Days Rotterdam’. We offer pontoons for cranes or scaffolding’s. In this way painting bridges, houses and other maintenance operations can be done. Our pontoons can also serve as temporary bridges, customized access jetties or as walking bridges for marinas.

Our markets are:

  • Contractors
  • Governments
  • Event Industry
  • Private persons

The BRIDGES2000 Pontoons can be supplied with spuds, crane mats and ramps.

Please be welcome.

  • We are able to meet almost any demand
  • We deliver customized solutions to every problem
  • We work adequately and conservatively, safety first, as the offshore industry acquires
  • Pontoons, gangways and fenders can be bought or rented
  • Product development and engineering are available