We deliver our gangway solutions worldwide

Small gangways for inland shipping. Larger gangways for in harbors, refinery and offshore. Specialties for every kind of operation they are needed for. We determine together with our clients what solutions fit best.

BRIDGES2000 has been delivering gangways for many years.

Our Markets are:

  • Ship owners
  • Agents
  • Refinery
  • Offshore
  • Cruise- and other terminals
  • Contractors
  • Event organizations


  • We have all kinds of equipment for rent
  • All equipment is built under NEN-EN and is ISO approved
  • We deliver accustomed products
  • Our gangways belong to the for safe accessibility standards of BRIDGES2000
  • Our gangways are a royal choice for the King & Queen of the Netherlands and their family
  • We deliver customized solutions to every problem
  • We work adequately and conservatively, safety first, as the offshore industry acquires
  • Pontoons, gangways and fenders can be bought or rented
  • Product development and engineering are available