BRIDGES2000 has been building bridges in many forms and sizes

We have been designing, manufacturing, selling and renting out all types of bridges. It all started with a bridging solution. This we do according to the needs of our clients. We primarily consider quality and safety when we produce and deliver our products. Each bridge needs to blend in with its environment and be perfectly suitable for the desired solution. We are known for our quick answers, our thorough solutions and easy ways to apply. Applying within a much shorter period of time than contractors do. Next to this our solutions assure safety to the fullest.

We belief in more safety in traffic and better quality throughout the years, with a faster way to alternate or repair. It all started with a bridge solution for India. In a few years quite a number of tourists in the Himalayas were killed by falling through a pedestrian bridge. For this a solution was needed very urgently. We designed a bridge consisting of many parts against the mountain wall, with a length of 4.2 km. For the secure solution we used aluminum. Because of this material the parts could easily be fastened to the rocks. Working with lengths of 15 m was also safer for the builders. A solution which gave a 100% security, because she was a full bridge, with almost no maintenance needed.

Call us for all kinds of pedestrian bridges, a bridging solution you will need or for all different kinds of needed safe accessibility. With knowledge of our services and our products used by you, comes back, all can be lighter.
• We deliver customized solutions to every problem
• We work adequately and conservatively, safety first, as the offshore industry acquires
• Pontoons, gangways and fenders can be bought or rented
• Product development and engineering are available

Our Markets are:
• Civil Contracting companies, governments, private persons
• Events Event organizations and municipality
• Marine & offshore Agents, ship owners, offshore working companies

“By BRIDGES2000 bridges (construction) locations are accessible to even the heaviest tipper trucks and cranes.”
“Because of BRIDGES2000 bridges you can cross all sorts of water the whole year.”
“BRIDGES2000 also designs elegant (access) bridges that serve as an entrance to private houses.”
“BRIDGES2000 pedestrian bridges are the most esthetic bridges for parks.”
“BRIDGES2000 even delivers heavy traffic bridges for temporary, semi- or permanent use.”
“When you come as client in order to purchase at BRIDGES2000, you can easily choose bridges in all categories, produced from different types of materials and in all designs. This is really great.”